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A single platform to manage and show off your parks.

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How it Works

  1. Enter your features in Ullr

    It’s as easy as taking a photo. When you upload a photo of a feature, we automatically detect its location on the hill and its type (rail, jump, box, etc.).
    You can distribute this responsibility among multiple people so that no single person has to do everything.
  2. Reap the benefits

    Easier park inspections, logs, and forms
    Once your features are in Ullr, your whole park crew can use Ullr to record park inspections and park maintenance right from their phones on the hill. With custom forms, you can take your park managemnt 100% digital. No paper. No need to come back inside to complete a log.
    Historical builds & build logs
    Ullr automatically keeps track of how your park builds change over time. You can go back in time to see what the park buld was at any given moment in the past.
    Augment your Social Media
    We don’t replace your Instagram, we make it better. Ullr provides you with a link that’s designed to be posted in your Instagram bio or story. It links to a mini version of Ullr that opens right in Instagram and will show all of your current park features on a map. It always updates automatically with no additional effort from you.
    Improve your Website
    On many ski resort websites, the “Terrain Parks” page doesn’t get a lot of love. Ullr keeps your website up to date automatically. Adding the Ullr web widget to your website is as easy as embedding a YouTube video- just copy/paste a few lines for HTML. After that, your website will always have an up-to-date list of features and map of your park.
  3. Rebuild your park

    When you add new park features or do a total rebuild, it’s easy to update Ullr. You can remove, add, or update multiple (or all) features at once. Everything else will update automatically.

Park Inspections, Logs, & Reports

Manage all your park inspections and maintenance logs from the Ullr app. No paper required.

Custom Forms & Docuentation

Take your park 100% digital. Configure Ullr with any form you need. Fill them out and manage responses.

Build Logs

Ullr keeps a record of what features are up and how your builds changes over time. Combined with the ability to disable crowdsourcing, this allows Ullr to act as a sytem of record for what your park build was at any given time in the past.

Export Historic Builds
to CSV

Official users can export current and previous park builds to CSV files.

Bulk Feature Managment

An Official Account makes it easier to manage your park in Ullr.
Add features in Bulk
Add up to 50 features at once.
When adding features in bulk, Ullr uses A.I. to automatically categorize features by type (rail, jump, box, etc.) which saves you an additional step for each feature.
Remove Features in Bulk
Did you reset the whole park?
No problem. Clear your entire build in Ullr with just a few taps.

Your Parks on your Website

An Embedable Ullr Widget
The above widget can be embedded on your website by copy/pasting just a few lines of HTML. With it, your website will always have the most up-to-date data on your parks from the Ullr app.
And A Page Hosted By Us
We'll also host a page for you to show off your park build at ullr.ski/YOUR-PARK-NAME-HERE. This requires absolutely zero setup from you. It's great to link to from Instagram where it essentailly becomes an app within an app. Check out our Instagram bio for an example

More Features

When you update your build
or add a park report, subscribed
users will get notified on
their phones.
Allow only approved users to
post features & park reports
at your mountain.
Verified Park Reports
Much like Instagram or Twitter, Official users get a verified badge next to their posts to distinguish their park reports from other crowdsourced reports.
Keep Records of
Build History
Use Ullr as a system of record
for your park builds.
Export current and previous
builds to CSV.
Official Users
Get the whole team on board with unlimited users, and maintain control with 3 different permission levels.
  1. Official status lets users post official Park Reports (good for park crew).
  2. Admin status lets users post official Park Reports and approve/deny requests for official status (good for managers).
  3. Account Owner status is reserved for you. It includes all Admin permissions plus control of the account and your subscription.

Official Account Tiers

Start with a free trial of Pro or the free tier. Cancel anytime.
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Bulk Add Features with A.I.
Bulk Remove Features
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Park Inspections, Logs, & Reports
Custom Forms
Disable Crowdsourcing
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Verified Park Reports

To Get Started...

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